Sunday, July 31, 2011


wow my 3 days at John Heinz was not long enough to fulfill my happiness. I was like a little kid in a candy store as Helen pulled into the lot of John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum. What a beautiful place in such a strange area. To see a deer to your right and then the highway to your left blew my mind. A residential neighborhood across the street from the entrance and high school football players so close they could run the trails. I was so impressed with John Heinz 1,000 acres of land especially their visitor center. You could get lost in their education building that has floors made from tires and cork. High tech displays and a beautiful auditorium that we watched a movie about the refuge in. The place was so up to date on the latest and not saying it is better than my camp Forsythe but it is in my fav 5 of Refuges to be. (PS. I haven't been to that many refuges so I guess they are all my favorite). Each refuge I have been to has its own unique aspect that draws me into the US Fish and Wildlife an inch each time. But back to John Heinz whew can you say Mariana put us to work. She did not anything that you have to get the child labor law handbooks out to check and make sure she was not breaking any rules but enough to keep us busy throughout our work day. I enjoyed it so much she made it 10x better and always made sure we were okay. She made the trip fun yet also had us maintaining trails and took us on a tour of the refuge. Even though Philadelphia is in my backyard stumbling a piece of land so beautiful can make any fast pace slow down. Wish I could have stayed longer in their pollinating garden that the young kids worked so hard in. Hopefully I can go back and visit very soon this time with family and friends.

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