Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another week 1,000 smiles

Another week at Camp Forsythe and I will always remember the smiling faces that beam upon me throughout the days. From all ages the smiles warm me up to the highest extent when I can give someone information. Yesterday a young girl asked her mommy if she could show the lady (Me) her shells. I was so excited that she chose to share her shells with the stranger lady and wanted to ask me MANY questions about the tiny little birds (Piping Plover's). Today was even more of touch to my heart to be able to help with environmental education with a diverse group of kids from my area. They also had their parents along, when I found out I would be a part of this project I was very excited. The fact that they were from Atlantic City and had this opportunity to learn so young about things that I am learning about while on the refuge at my 18 years of life is a blessing. I was so happy to see how involved they were, there was NEVER  a dull moment with these lively young blessings even in the outrageous 100 degree weather and 95 in the shade. They showed interest in topics that people I know bypass daily including myself and I wish I had that opportunity like these young children to have been able explore options in life outside of the normal firefighter, police officer, and doctor that they instill in us at that age as jobs that make a difference. Today I learned A LOT just like these young kids, maybe not the same lesson that they did but I took vital things out of the lessons that were giving. One big thing is OBSERVATION, my supervisor laid out 10 objects for the children to find and lets just say I only saw the big shiny objects that will catch any ones eye. I didn't see the small objects, the small things that still made a difference in being out of place in this nature science but I did not observe my surroundings carefully. Whether it is an animal in hiding or me doing my homework observation is key and at any age you can realize if you truly do OBSERVE your surroundings or OVERLOOK them. I have learned that it is okay to slow down that my city girl pace does not allow my eyes to grasp everything, that what is in front of me is not always the only thing near me and that is something that is VERY vital just in everyday life. I also learned a neat little story about a giant that disturbed a town because he wanted to "play" but did not know the right way to go about playing with the townsfolk. I mean hey that is not exactly how it goesss but that is how I took it. I took that little story with me and plan to put in my pocket for future references. For when I think about destroying an animals habitat because it is in my way or less appealing to my eye or just picking up a flower for my own personal pleasure I will realize that someone lives there if though they are not human beings they have the same emotions as any human and if someone destroyed my home I would be sad too. This is something that I will take and teach younger kids when I see them destroying habitat I will just notice that they are unaware and we can always use some guidance. Over these couple weeks I have realized that I can always be a city girl but I can also like the outdoors too. They say keep your friends close and enemies closer so that means the mosquito's and green heads have become my BEST FRIEND!!! We go everywhere together and do everything together.

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