Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Easy Breathing

Just when I worked up all 3 nerves needed to present the group the 'First Impressions' activity it did not happen. I can say I was a little disappointed that it did not happen but happy at myself for being ready to put myself in that position. I was also happy because 3 of the kids gravitated towards me today and that warmed my heart. I can say at times I have a soft spot for kids but it can fade QUICKLY. But overall I am happy and a little sad to know that there will be no more Tuesday group. I learn so much while they are here and it gives me a reason to get out and play in the dirt again. :) Those kids are very lively and have a lot of life in them and I hope they take as much as they can from coming to the refuge as much as I will. My week at Camp Forsythe had been splendid. No complaints except those bugs they get more and more viscious as the time flies I think they are jealous of me. Jealous of what you may ask and I have no reply it is just an excuse to get me through the day. My 3 day work day at John Heinz is Thursday and I am getting more and more excited. I think I am excited because I haven't been to another refuge besides Patuxent and Edwin B Forsythe. The other day I was on the phone with a young man from Rhode Island Complex and I swear the 15 minute conversation seemed to feel like hours as we compared and contrasted refuges and talked about our experiences working interpretation tents and the best ways to keep others from walking onto refuge property. He told me about him being a part of the Student Career Experience Program also known as SCEP. He said it was one of his greatest experiences even though he did not want to always be a part of the visitor services. I found that to be similar to my feelings of my internship. I admired his passion for his job and his excitement to even be a part of this great team of people. No matter what I do I want to have his same drive and dedication that he expressed to me over the telephone. That was my weekly lesson that I will take with me and apply it.

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