Friday, July 8, 2011

Weeks are Passing me by

I have been at Camp Forsythe for over a month now, why call it Camp Forsythe? I never was able to go to sleep away camp as a child and when I did go to camp I had the worst experience EVER. It was not what I envisioned at ALL as a child. The disappointment I felt everyday was shown and I never went to camp again. I call my refuge Camp Forsythe because it is not a job to me, more like a year at Camp...not that bad camp that I disliked sooo much but the camp I envisioned. The camp where I made friends and did projects that I enjoyed and didn't feel like I was being dragged into a dump every day. I will be honest I was not always so open minded and a great sport. IT TOOK TIME! I came to the National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) with assumptions and expectations that were ruined. I wish I would have taken sooo much more out of NCTC but I was so stuck in my "City Girl" ways. I didn't understand the peacefulness and how serene NCTC was. If I could take the hands of time and turn them around counter clockwise I would have taken off my shield and greeted NCTC with the same love and tenderness it had to offer me. I was not ready to accept that I would be outside doing any of this, I always viewed myself as a desk, corner office, type girl. Not the girl who goes to get a full set of nails the day after she just banded Canada Geese and Purple Martins. I never expected myself to be in a tyvek suit looking like a marshmallow monster spraying the invasive species we call Frag. My month has been filled with new faces, new found endearment for the outdoors, and a greater respect for the fish and wildlife services.

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