Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The End is Near

My my how time fly's i guess it is true time waits for no man...or woman in my instance. This summer has been one of the quickest but most eventful summer I have had in many years. Proudly wearing my blue SCA polo I am often stopped but Sunday's stop was different. A man came into the friends bookstore on a mission to learn about what birds he could see and left. 10 mins later he walked into the bookstore and said "Hey I see you have SCA on your shirt. Does it stand for student conservation association." I said yes proudly and prepared to be asked the usual what is SCA about what do you do etc frequently asked questions but he told me in 1964 he was also an SCA intern for a week. One whole week. Just one I was puzzled. He even said they didn't have fancy shirts back then now there is 5 to carry me through the week. That made me say WOW how SCA has grown. How we are now doing 12 week internships. He said he stillllll receives letters and often donates. I was in the presence of an alum SCA member. I beamed with joy knowing that the same experience he had I am enduring time 2. That was great for closing out the summer. As I am nearing the last stretch and preparing to go back into the city life that I grew up on I am going to miss so much about my refuge. From the birds to the interesting people I have met in the visitor center and working on the beach. From my wonderful managers who allowed me to get my hands dirty in everything possible and all the volunteers and staff that made me feel welcomed. Its sad to see time go but as this fellow SCA walks out the door hopefully another will walk in just like the gentleman I encountered on Sunday. As far as the other CDIP interns I wish them well on their future endeavors and hope to see them making headlines on making a difference in anything they do like the speakers at NCTC. I gained some of the most peaceful moments at my refuge when it is just you surrounded by nature. I'm ending this with a question that I got from Lamar What did you learn about yourself in your experience and I feel I have to share that I truly learned that just because I am a city girl I should never let that attitude alter my views of nature and life. I also learned that there are many opportunities out there that are hidden that I never took the time to explore and search for because of poor expectations or finding it beneath me realizing that I was not as open minded as I claimed to be. I have been taught in this experience to observe and slow down that a fast pace living does not do the environment justice and that I need to take head in what is going on myself. Thank you SCA for helping me reevaluate my lifestyle. So sad to see it end.

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