Friday, July 15, 2011

Time Traveling

Can you believe it?! The 15th of July which means I have a month and four days left on this amazing adventure I have embarked on at Camp Forsythe. Yesterday, I learned about one of the biology interns. Just like Camp friends are made and I can say I have gotten to meet some very interesting people. I may never see them again but that does not mean I will not cherish the moments that was shared all summer. Coming from someone who can come off as a little stand-offish I feel like I reinvented myself for the better this summer. I stepped up and did things that no one would believe I did. I am enjoying each lesson that I learn, like the other day when I was at Holgate I learned about white caps. The information I gained is not something I go searching for on google but the more I know the more effective I am on the beach talking to people. Now when someone asks I can share with them the same little piece of information I have gained. I love to see all the different faces and personalities that Holgate beach brings from the kids, to the parents, to the surfers, and passing bikers they all seem to have a story to tell that is always intriguing to hear.

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