Sunday, July 17, 2011

Food for the soul

This Friday my supervisor gave me some food for the soul as he assigned me to one of the biggest projects I will ever take on. Okay maybe I am exaggerating but it feels like something huge, but he explained to me that we go through countless years of learning how to read and write but one thing they don't teach us as a part of communication is understanding and listening to people. He told me to take that with me whether it is in teaching or my fantasy career of being a lawyer. I will always store that away with me as ONE of the biggest life lessons learned that no one does teach you how to listen and understand. That is something we learn by nature and nurture to listen to what others have to say and be open enough to say we understand. I find that something I want to hand down to many people on how important that is. Sometimes we do not listen or even attempt to understand the next person we are quick to ignore. But back to my project I have to come up with an half hour to and hour environmental education plan for the young group that comes on Tuesdays. My supervisor says that I may not have to lead but he is thinking about it. I call it my biggest task because I few like kids are the biggest critics and it is very hard to keep their attention. I have little cousins and from first hand experience NOTHING lasts more then 3 minutes before it is Charderah I want to play something else this is BORING. I guess I am thinking to into the task but I hate disappointing. I wont let this task beat me it just allows me to get into another career opportunity. Who knows I may like it and change my mind and accept that I may want to teach one day. :) Wish me luck.!

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