Wednesday, August 3, 2011


This last one is short and simple don't want to get teary eyed in my last blog experiencing my endearment for summer internship. Listening to stories about other peoples summer of still working in retail or at internships that didn't pay or even allowed to travel seemed so sad compared to mine. Even though I could see my backyard from here the Student Conservation Association gave me the best time of my life this summer. Being apart of CDIP  (Career Discovery Internship Program) I truly discovered that the career I thought was for me is now questionable. The opportunities, the people I have met, the knowledge I have gained all comes from that list of internships to chose from and I just so happened chose to be a part of this one. Happy I was selected and now I can go back and share my experiences first hand. No I didn't play with lions, tigers, and bears this summer I handled birds with care, I talked to new people each day, I gained a new found interest in my environment and how it is treated, a secret passion for visiting wildlife refuges and an all around new outlook on who I was. I am not intimated as I thought I was by kids and whatever I go off into life there is always room for added knowledge and the right to say I did it. I was able to work outside of my element and not go for the usual. I find the usual to now be boring and an excuse to keep away from steering from the norm. I can some up all of my emotions in one some of them are not easy to explain but one thing I do know is that
I CAME I SAW I CONQUERED. Edwin B. Forsythe Refuge has left a mark on me and now it is time to share that new brand with others I come in counter with.

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