Monday, August 15, 2011

Last Call

Before I found myself flying the coop I took up one last spur the moment task. Tuesday morning a man had came inside saying that there had been a tour set up for weeks yet the person in charge had retired. He came into the visitor center looking for someone who would know anything about the trip or lead them into some kind of direction. With almost everyone out the building there wasn't much I could say except I will go. I was excited to get out on the drive for the last time and since my first bus tour was not one of the most fulfilling of my hunger to get out on the drive and speak so passionate about some of the things I have learned I found it as an opportunity. Some of these kids had visited Forsythe before and  remembered things that my eyes have never seen for instance the "Friends Shack". They were excited to look at all the birds and try to figure out which ones were the ones seen on their sheet. I also taught them the song of Fresh water, Salt water that the last bus group came up with to remember. I enjoyed their enthusiasm and the questions that came from aids and the young children. I enjoyed talking to them with ease answering questions is my thing, asking them is not. I felt like I didnt want to get off the bus as they pulled up to the visitor center. Not because the bus had A/C but because they were all so nice and gave me my official bus tour accomplished badge on my heart. <3

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